CentOS Stream

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CentOS Stream is a continuously delivered Linux distribution that tracks just ahead of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) development, positioned as a midstream between Fedora Linux and RHEL.

Release Released Active Support Security Support Latest
9 2 years ago
(15 Sep 2021)
Ends in 3 years and 6 months
(31 May 2027)
Ends in 3 years and 6 months
(31 May 2027)
8 4 years ago
(24 Sep 2019)
Ends in 6 months
(31 May 2024)
Ends in 6 months
(31 May 2024)

CentOS Stream is the upstream variant of CentOS and contains content that is planned for the next minor release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

CentOS Stream only has major versions, and its support ends when its corresponding RHEL release leaves full support.

Support information for CentOS are available on the CentOS page.

More information is available on the CentOS Stream website.

You should be running one of the supported release numbers listed above in the rightmost column.

You can check the version that you are currently using by running:
cat /etc/redhat-release

You can submit an improvement to this page on GitHub :octocat: . This page has a corresponding Talk Page.

A JSON version of this page is available at /api/centos-stream.json. See the API Documentation for more information. You can subscribe to the iCalendar feed at /calendar/centos-stream.ics.