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Gorilla Toolkit


Gorilla is a toolkit for building HTTP-based applications with the Go programming language.

Release Released Support Latest
1 7 years ago
(28 Apr 2016)
Ended 5 months and 2 weeks ago
(09 Dec 2022)
(04 Jan 2022)

Gorilla project’s repositories were archived near the end of 2022, and the project is no longer maintained.

More information is available on the Gorilla Toolkit website.

You should be running one of the supported release numbers listed above in the rightmost column.

You can submit an improvement to this page on GitHub :octocat: . This page has a corresponding Talk Page.

A JSON version of this page is available at /api/gorilla.json. See the API Documentation for more information. You can subscribe to the iCalendar feed at /calendar/gorilla.ics.