Products tagged with 'framework'

API Platform

framework php-runtime

API Platform is a full stack framework dedicated to API-driven projects and implementing the Jamstack architecture.

Amazon CDK

amazon framework

Amazon CDK help you define your cloud application in AWS resources using familiar programming languages.


framework google javascript-runtime

Angular is a TypeScript-based free and open-source web application framework led from Google that was designed as a ground-up rewrite of AngularJS.


framework google javascript-runtime

AngularJS is a free and open-source JavaScript-based web framework for developing single-page applications. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in web applications and progressive web applications. AngularJS, referred to as Angular 1, was built and maintained by Google.


framework python-runtime red-hat

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code. It runs on many Unix-like systems, and can configure both Unix-like systems and Microsoft Windows.

Apache Airflow

apache framework python-runtime

Apache Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.

Apache Camel

apache framework java-runtime

Apache Camel is an open source framework for message-oriented middleware with a rule-based routing and mediation engine. It provides a Java object-based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns using an application programming interface (or declarative Java domain-specific language) to configure routing and mediation rules.

Apache Log4j

framework java-runtime

Apache Log4j is a Java-based logging utility. It is part of the Apache Logging Services, a project of the Apache Software Foundation.

Apache Struts

apache framework java-runtime

Apache Struts is a free, open-source, MVC framework for creating Java web applications. It favors convention over configuration, is extensible using a plugin architecture, and ships with plugins to support REST, AJAX and JSON.


css-runtime framework javascript-runtime

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.


framework javascript-runtime

Bun is an open-source JavaScript runtime that focuses on speed, and comes with a bundler, test runner, and a Node.js-compatible package manager.



CKEditor is an open-source WYSIWYG rich text editor written in JavaScript.


framework php-runtime

CakePHP is a free and open source PHP web development framework. It follows the model–view–controller (MVC) approach and is written in PHP, modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails.


framework python-runtime

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.


framework javascript-runtime

Electron is a framework for building desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By embedding Chromium and Node.js into its binary, Electron allows you to maintain one JavaScript codebase and create cross-platform apps that work on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


framework javascript-runtime

Ember is an open-source JavaScript web framework for building modern web applications.



FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project consisting of a suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams. It is the core of software such as VLC, MPV, Blender, Audacity, HandBrake, OBS Studio, and much more. Full list of capabilities is found in their documentation.



GStreamer is a pipeline-based multimedia framework that links together a wide variety of media processing systems to complete complex workflows. For instance, GStreamer can be used to build a system that reads files in one format, processes them, and exports them in another. The formats and processes can be changed in a plug and play fashion.

Gorilla Toolkit


Gorilla is a toolkit for building HTTP-based applications with the Go programming language.

Grails Framework

framework java-runtime

Grails is a powerful Groovy-based web application framework for the JVM built on top of Spring Boot.

Ionic Framework

framework javascript-runtime

The Ionic Framework is an open source mobile UI toolkit for building modern cross-platform mobile apps from a single code base in Angular, React or Vue.


framework php-runtime

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony.

Micronaut Framework

framework java-runtime

Micronaut is a modern, JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice and serverless applications.

Microsoft .NET

framework microsoft

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many types of applications.

Microsoft .NET Framework

framework microsoft

.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library called Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability across several programming languages.


framework javascript-runtime vercel

Next.js is an open-source React framework developed by Vercel. It offers server-side rendering, static site generation, and client-side rendering capabilities, enabling developers to build performant and scalable web applications. The framework is designed to be developer-friendly, with a focus on fast refresh and an optimized production build.


framework javascript-runtime

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that executes JavaScript code outside a browser.


framework python-runtime

NumPy offers comprehensive mathematical functions, random number generators, linear algebra routines, Fourier transforms, and more.


framework javascript-runtime

Nuxt is a free and open-source framework with an intuitive and extendable way to create type-safe, performant and production-grade full-stack web applications and websites with Vue.js.



OpenSSL is a software library for applications that secure communications over computer networks against eavesdropping or need to identify the party at the other end. It is widely used by Internet servers, including the majority of HTTPS websites.

Oracle APEX

framework oracle

Oracle Application Express (also known as APEX) is an enterprise low-code application development platform from Oracle Corporation. APEX is used for developing and deploying cloud, mobile and desktop applications. The platform is a web - based integrated development environment (IDE) with a range of features including wizards, drag-and-drop layout and property editors to simplify the process of building applications and pages.


framework google javascript-runtime

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.



Qt is a widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as native cross-platform applications that supports Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and embedded systems. It is available under both commercial licenses and open-source GPL 2.0, GPL 3.0, and LGPL 3.0 licenses.


framework java-runtime

Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java is a Kubernetes Native Java stack tailored for OpenJDK HotSpot and GraalVM, crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards.


framework javascript-runtime

Quasar is an MIT licensed open-source Vue.js based framework, which allows web developer to quickly create responsive websites/apps in many flavors: Single Page Apps, SSR Apps, PWAs, Browser extensions, Hybrid Mobile Apps and Electron Apps.


framework javascript-runtime meta

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building modern web applications.


framework php-runtime

Robo is a task runner written in PHP.

Ruby on Rails

framework ruby-runtime

Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby.

Spring Boot

framework java-runtime vmware

Spring Boot helps you to create Spring-powered, production-grade applications and services with absolute minimum fuss. It takes an opinionated view of the Spring platform so that new and existing users can quickly get to the bits they need.

Spring Framework

framework java-runtime vmware

The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications - on any kind of deployment platform.


framework php-runtime

Symfony is a free and open-source PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP component libraries.


framework php-runtime

Twig is an open-source template language for PHP.


framework javascript-runtime

Vue is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It builds on top of standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and provides a declarative and component-based programming model to efficiently develop user interfaces.


framework javascript-runtime

Vuetify is an open-source Vue Component Framework. It is a collection of consistently styled UI components with features such as dynamic themes, global defaults, application layouts, and more.


framework python-runtime

Wagtail is an open source content management system built on Django, with a strong community and commercial support. It’s focused on user experience, and offers precise control for designers and developers.


framework javascript-runtime

jQuery is a widely used JavaScript library making it easier to manipulate HTML documents.