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Version Released Active Support Critical security patches Release
5.32 9 months ago
(20 Jun 2020)
Yes Ends in 2 years
(20 Jun 2023)
5.30 1 year and 10 months ago
(22 May 2019)
Yes Ends in 1 year and 1 month
(22 May 2022)
5.28 2 years and 9 months ago
(23 Jun 2018)
Ended 9 months ago
(20 Jun 2020)
Ends in 2 months and 1 week
(23 Jun 2021)
5.26 3 years and 10 months ago
(30 May 2017)
Ended 1 year and 10 months ago
(22 May 2019)
Ended 10 months ago
(30 May 2020)

Perl is a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with over 30 years of development.

As detailed in the perlpolicy man page, the Perl community will, to the best of its ability, attempt to:

  • Fix critical issues in the two most recent stable 5.x release series.
  • Provide critical security patches for any major version of Perl whose 5.x.0 release was within the past three years.

More information is available on the Perl website.

You should be running one of the supported release numbers listed above in the rightmost column.

You can check the version that you are currently using by running:

perl -v

You can submit an improvement to this page by visiting GitHub. You will need to fork the website and submit a Pull Request.