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Hashicorp Terraform is an open-source, infrastructure as code, software tool by Hashicorp.

Release Released Security Support Latest
1.3 4 months ago
(21 Sep 2022)
Yes 1.3.7
(04 Jan 2023)
1.2 8 months ago
(18 May 2022)
Yes 1.2.9
(07 Sep 2022)
1.1 1 year and 1 month ago
(08 Dec 2021)
Ended 4 months ago
(21 Sep 2022)
1.0 1 year and 7 months ago
(08 Jun 2021)
Ended 8 months ago
(18 May 2022)

Generally Available (GA) releases of active products are supported for up to two (2) years. Eligible code-fixes and hot-fixes are provided via a new minor release (Z) on top of the latest “major release” branch, for up to two (2) releases from the most current major release.

A major release is identified by a change in the first (X) or second (Y) digit in the following versioning nomenclature: Version X.Y.Z.

Hashicorp uses the same support period and EoL Policy for all its products. Terraform Enterprise follows a 2-year Advisory support policy.

More information is available on the Hashicorp Terraform website.

You should be running one of the supported release numbers listed above in the rightmost column.

You can check the version that you are currently using by running:
terraform --version

You can submit an improvement to this page on GitHub :octocat: . This page has a corresponding Talk Page.

A JSON version of this page is available at /api/terraform.json. See the API Documentation for more information. You can subscribe to the iCalendar feed at /calendar/terraform.ics.

This page was last updated on 05 January 2023. Latest releases are automatically updated.