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Release Released Core Support
ColdFusion 2021 1 year and 10 months ago
(11 Nov 2020)
Ends in 3 years
(10 Nov 2025)
ColdFusion 2018 4 years ago
(12 Jul 2018)
Ends in 9 months
(13 Jul 2023)
ColdFusion 2016 6 years ago
(16 Feb 2016)
Ended 1 year and 7 months ago
(17 Feb 2021)
ColdFusion 11 8 years ago
(29 Apr 2014)
Ended 3 years and 5 months ago
(30 Apr 2019)
ColdFusion 10 10 years ago
(15 May 2012)
Ended 5 years ago
(16 May 2017)

Adobe ColdFusion is java-based commercial web application server and development platform from Adobe.

ColdFusion’s lifecycle is typically 5 years after release, with new releases usually about every two years. Adobe has a Support Lifecycle Policy page as well.

Adobe provides an “Extended maintenance and support” option with additional two year of Maintenance and support services after the end of Core Support Period for a 25% premium of the annual support for the current renewal term.

More information is available on the Adobe ColdFusion website.

You can check the version that you are currently using by running:

You can submit an improvement to this page on GitHub. This page has a corresponding Talk Page.

A JSON version of this page is available at /api/coldfusion.json. See the API Documentation for more.