To add a new page to the website, create a new markdown file with YAML frontmatter. Keep the filename as

title: timeturner
layout: post
# Possible values are os,db,tool,lang,framework
# If you add a new value, please mention it on the PR Description
category: os
# The hash of the `releases` object to be used for sortin in descending order
sortReleasesBy: "releaseCycle"
changelogTemplate: "https://link/of/the/__RELEASE_CYCLE__/and/__LATEST__/version"
# A list of releases, supported or not
# Newer releases go on top of the list, in order
    # Release range (usually major.minor), put in quotes if a string.
  - releaseCycle: "1.2"
    # End of Security Support for the product. Alternatively, set to true|false if EOL is not pre-decided
    eol: 2019-01-01
    # End of Active Support for the product. This is where bugfixes usually stop coming in. (remove if activeSupportColumn=false)
    support: 2018-01-31
    # Date of release for the product
    # remove if releaseDateColumn is false
    release: 2017-03-12
    # Current latest release
    # remove is releaseColumn is false
    latest: 1.2.3
# A few extra fields define overall page behaviour

# URL for the page
permalink: /timeturner
# More information link
# Whether to hide the "Active Support" column (optional, default true)
activeSupportColumn: false
# Whether to hide/show the latest release column. If the product doesn't have patch releases, set this to false. (optional, default true)
releaseColumn: true
# Whether to increase the release date column
# optional, default false
releaseDateColumn: true
# What to call the End of Life  (Security Support) column. (optional)
eolColumn: Service Status
# Command that can be used to check the current version. (optional)
command: swish and flick
# An image that shows a graphical representation of the releases.

# In the markdown section, ensure that the following are present:
# 1. A one line statement about what the tool is, with a link to the primary website
# 2. A short summary of the release policy, pointing out the EoL policy as well, if available.
> [Time Turner]( is device that powers short-term time travel.

Time-turners are no longer released, and the last known stable release was in HP.5 release.

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