Products tagged with 'server-app'

Adobe ColdFusion

adobe server-app

Adobe ColdFusion is Java-based commercial web application server and development platform from Adobe.

Akeneo PIM

php-runtime server-app

Akeneo PIM is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution that provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich product information, create a product catalog, and distribute it to sales and eCommerce channels.

Apache ActiveMQ

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache ActiveMQ is an open source Java-based message broker that supports a number of transport protocols, such as STOMP, MQTT or AMQP.

Apache HBase

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache HBase is an open-source non-relational distributed database modeled after Google’s Bigtable and written in Java. It’s useful for random, real-time read/write access to Big Data. The project’s goal is the hosting of very large tables – billions of rows X millions of columns – atop clusters of commodity hardware.

Apache HTTP Server

apache server-app web-server

Apache HTTP Server is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, feature-rich and freely available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server.

Apache Hadoop

apache java-runtime server-app

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage.

Apache Kafka

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications.

Apache Solr

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache Solr is an open-source search engine written in Java.

Apache Spark

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache Spark is a multi-language engine for executing data engineering, data science, and machine learning on single-node machines or clusters.

Apache Tomcat

apache server-app web-server

Apache Tomcat is an open-source (Apache-2.0 licensed) pure-Java HTTP web server environment. It implements various Jakarta web specifications, including JSP, Servlets, and WebSockets.

Apache ZooKeeper

apache java-runtime server-app

Apache ZooKeeper is an open-source server for highly reliable distributed coordination of cloud applications.

Argo CD

cncf server-app

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.



JFrog Artifactory is a binary repository manager software designed to store the binary output of the build process for use in distribution and deployment. Artifactory provides support for a number of package formats such as Maven, Conan, Debian APT, NPM, Helm, Ruby, Python, and Docker.

Azure DevOps Server

microsoft server-app

Azure DevOps Server, is a set of collaborative software development tools, hosted on-premises.


atlassian java-runtime server-app

Confluence is a web-based corporate wiki developed by Atlassian.



Contao Open Source CMS is a content management system written in PHP.

Craft CMS

php-runtime server-app

Craft is a flexible, user-friendly content management system.


java-runtime server-app

OWASP Dependency-Track is an intelligent API-first Component Analysis platform that allows organizations to identify and reduce risk in the software supply chain. It monitors component usage across all versions of every application in order to proactively identify risk across an organization.


php-runtime server-app

Drupal is a free and open-source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Elastic Beats

elastic server-app

Beats are a suite of lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch and Logstash. As of 2022, the beats family is composed of Filebeat, Metricbeat, Packetbeat, Winlogbeat, Auditbeat, Heartbeat and Functionbeat.


cncf server-app

Envoy is an open-source high performance C++ distributed proxy designed for single services and applications, as well as a communication bus and “universal data plane” designed for large microservice “service mesh” architectures. Envoy runs alongside every application and abstracts the network by providing common features in a platform-agnostic manner.



Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. It offers a great deal of flexibility in the way mail can be routed.


cncf server-app

Flux is a tool for keeping Kubernetes clusters in sync with sources of configuration (like Git repositories), and automating updates to configuration when there is new code to deploy. Flux is built from the ground up to use Kubernetes’ API extension system, and to integrate with Prometheus and other core components of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Flux supports multi-tenancy and support for syncing an arbitrary number of Git repositories.



Gerrit is a web-based code review tool built on JGit.


gitlab server-app

GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a Git repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and continuous integration and deployment pipeline features, using an open-source license, developed by GitLab Inc.



Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team and foster a data-driven culture.


java-runtime server-app

Graylog is a centralized logging solution based that enables aggregating and searching through logs. It provides a query language, a processing pipeline for data transformation, alerting abilities, and much more. It is extensible through a REST API or add-ons that can be downloaded from the Graylog marketplace.


server-app web-server

HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable reverse-proxy offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It is particularly suited for very high traffic websites and powers a significant portion of the world’s most visited ones.

Hashicorp Consul

hashicorp server-app

Hashicorp Consul automates networking for simple and secure application delivery.

Hashicorp Vault

hashicorp server-app

Hashicorp Vault is a tool for securely accessing secrets. It provides a unified interface to any secret, while providing tight access control and recording a detailed audit log.



ISC DHCP is an open source solution for DHCP servers, relay agents, and clients, both IPv4 and IPv6. It is suitable for use in high-volume and high-reliability applications. It reached End-of-Life on October 5, 2022.



Istio is a service mesh that extends Kubernetes to establish a programmable, application-aware network using the Envoy service proxy. Working with both Kubernetes and traditional workloads, Istio brings standard, universal traffic management, telemetry, and security to complex deployments.


java-runtime server-app

Jenkins is an open source automation server. It helps automate the parts of software development related to building, testing, and deploying, facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Jira Software

atlassian java-runtime server-app

Jira Software is a proprietary issue tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.


php-runtime server-app

Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.


java-runtime red-hat server-app

Keycloak is an open source identity and access management solution for modern applications and services.


elastic server-app

Kibana is a free and open user interface that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack.



Kirby CMS is a flat-file content management system written in PHP.



Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.


elastic server-app

Logstash is a tool to collect, process, and forward events and log messages.


google server-app

Looker is a data exploration and business intelligence platform that offers a wide variety of tools for relational database work, business intelligence, and other related services. It operates as a part of Google Cloud Platform. It is available as both a managed service (Looker-hosted), and a self-hosted installation.


php-runtime server-app

Magento Open Source, previously known as Magento Community Edition, is an Open Software License (OSL 3.0) e-commerce platform written in PHP. The project is under the Adobe umbrella since 2018.


javascript-runtime ruby-runtime server-app

Mastodon is a free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. It has microblogging features similar to Twitter, which are offered by a large number of independently run nodes, known as instances, each with its own code of conduct, terms of service, privacy policy, privacy options, and content moderation policies.



Mattermost is an open-source, self-hostable online chat service with file sharing, search, and integrations. It is designed as an internal chat for organisations and companies.


php-runtime server-app

MediaWiki is a wiki engine, and mostly known as the software that powers Wikipedia, but it is also frequently used for other wikis.

Microsoft Exchange

microsoft server-app

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft SharePoint

microsoft server-app

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, developed by Microsoft.


php-runtime server-app

Moodle is a Learning Platform or course management system (CMS) - a free Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online courses based on sound pedagogical principles.

Mule Runtime

java-runtime server-app

MuleSoft Runtime engine (Mule) is a lightweight integration engine that runs Mule applications and supports domains and policies. Mule applications, domains, and policies share an XML DSL (domain-specific language).


php-runtime server-app

Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. It is enterprise-ready with comprehensive support options. It is licensed with Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPL-v3.0).

Nexus Repository OSS

java-runtime server-app

Nexus Repository OSS is an open source repository manager developed by Sonatype that supports many artifact formats, including Docker, Java, and npm.


hashicorp server-app

Hashicorp Nomad is a simple and flexible workload orchestrator to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale.

Nutanix Files

nutanix server-app

Nutanix Files is a simple, scalable and smart cloud-based file management platform.

Nutanix Prism Central

nutanix server-app

Nutanix Prism is the control plane that simplifies and streamlines common workflows to make hypervisor and VM setup as easy as checking your email.


php-runtime server-app

Plesk is a proprietary hosting control panel developed by WebPros. It is designed to help IT specialists manage web, DNS, mail and other services through a graphical user interface.



Postfix is Wietse Venema’s mail server that started life at IBM research as an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure.



Prometheus is an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit. Prometheus is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


configuration-management server-app

Puppet Puppet is a tool that helps you manage and automate the configuration of servers. Its primary product, Puppet Enterprise is a proprietary and closed-source version of its open-source Puppet software.


erlang-runtime server-app

RabbitMQ is an open source message broker written in Erlang that supports multiple messaging protocols.

Red Hat OpenShift

red-hat server-app

OpenShift is a family of containerization software products developed by Red Hat. Its flagship product is the OpenShift Container Platform — a hybrid cloud platform as a service built around Linux containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Satellite

red-hat server-app

Red Hat Satellite is an infrastructure management product specifically designed to keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments and other Red Hat infrastructure running efficiently, with security, and compliant with various standards.


ruby-runtime server-app

Redmine is an open-source project management tool written using Ruby on Rails framework.

Roundcube Webmail

php-runtime server-app

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.


python-runtime server-app

Salt is software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale.

Silverstripe CMS

php-runtime server-app

Silverstripe is a free and open-source content management CMS and Framework written in PHP and distributed under the BSD License.


java-runtime server-app

SonarQube (formerly Sonar) is an open-source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs and code smells on many programming languages.



Splunk is a data platform built for expansive data access, powerful analytics and automation.



Squid is a caching proxy for the web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. It runs on most available operating systems, and is licensed under the GNU GPL.


php-runtime server-app

TYPO3 is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP.



Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics.

Umbraco CMS

dotnet-runtime server-app

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It is written in C# and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure. Since version 4.5, the whole system has been available under an MIT License.



UnrealIRCd is an Open Source IRC Server since 1999. It implements almost all IRCv3 features.

VMware Cloud Foundation

server-app vmware

VMWare Cloud Foundation, is a suite of software-defined data center (SDDC) technologies consisting of vSphere, NSX, and vSAN. It is available in multiple editions - Starter, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

VMware Site Recovery Manager

server-app vmware

VMware Site Recovery Manager allows you to automate orchestration of failover and failback to minimize downtime and improve availability of VMware hosted resources.


server-app web-server

Varnish is a caching HTTP reverse proxy.


php-runtime server-app

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP.


php-runtime server-app

Zabbix is an open-source software tool to monitor IT infrastructure such as networks, servers, virtual machines, and cloud services.


server-app web-server

NGINX is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server.


php-runtime server-app

phpBB is an open-source forum software written in PHP.


php-runtime server-app

PHPMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB.